when will hot guys magically facetime me??? why is my sister the only one who facetimes me?? why am i so concerned with facetime¿¿?

do you ever stare into the mirror for too long and admire how attractive you are??

 Leah McIntosh

i have a job interview tomorrow for a librarian’s assistant position and they’re really hard to come by and the interviews are also hard to come by and i’m basically really nervous right now because there’s so much to do and i know there’ll be people who are just as qualified as i am and i really want this position because i love working in libraries. i’ve always loved libraries and i just really want this job. so if you could please mentally wish me luck or send good vibes my way, that’d be great and i’d really appreciate it so much. thanks. ily guys. 

 by Leah McIntosh

i wanna bang a pretentious hot topic employee on top of a pile of meme shirts because i do not love myself.

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The Strokes

i bought a floral print denim babydoll dress yesterday and that cheered me up a bit, i guess. it’s very pretty and i can’t wait to wear it and also the top fit me funny so there is sideboob come autumn.

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