i feel like i’ve been wandering the hot desert for days on end and my skin feels warm and my eyes feel tired.

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america is like the popular girl in school: everyone talks shit about her behind her back, but as soon as she talks to them, everyone pretends they love her because they know they’ll be cooler and get invited to parties

and then canada is like america’s best friend, who’s like the uglier version of her, but all the other kids think she’s way nicer

mexico is like the weird kid who keeps trying to get really close to america to smell her hair

this is bullshit. mexico is constantly lied to by america about how they’re best friends, but america only really acknowledges her when she needs something. but when mexico needs help, america always says they’re not allowed to and leaves mexico to fend for herself.

to hayley williams:

THANK YOU!!!! I wanna thank you, Hayley Williams, for being the martyr for REAL music. Your opinions are truly what music should abide by. I totally forgot that it was 2002 and we should all be so far up New Found Glory’s ass that we drag all the other fucking posers, but you reminded me. I forget what innovators New Found Glory were. Ah, yes! A band samples a few seconds at the beginning of the song and THEY’RE RIPPING PEOPLE OFF. Yes, I am talking about Journey and “Faithfully.” I can’t believe Journey ripped off New Found Glory. But you keep sippin’ that tea because nobody genuinely gives a shit about your memes. I’m glad you’ve been true to yourself and to music up on your fucking high horse. I’m just so confused as to why you seem to hate pop music when really, that’s what paramore does. Not to worry, I’m sure you will guide me through all this confusion.

Thank you, Our Lady of True Music and Patron Saint of Rip Offs.

what do you do to pass the time while you simultaneously wait for a phone call, a text and an email?